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Are you ready to transform your concrete floors from ordinary to extraordinary? The team at Liberty Concrete Inc. can help with that.

Our epoxy flooring services allow you to choose your favorite finishes and colors to beautify the doors in any building. Boost your property value and redefine your interior design by rethinking your flooring. 

Properties in Willamette Valley, OR, That Benefit From Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring installation benefits residential and commercial properties. A homeowner can seamlessly revolutionize the appearance of their basement or garage by finishing it with an epoxy garage floor. Meanwhile, a business owner can improve their commercial property’s first impression with a durable epoxy sealant.

Discover the benefits our services provide below.

Epoxy Garage floor


Your basement or garage gets lots of heavy use. You might use it to store:

  • Vehicles
  • Heavy equipment
  • Tools
  • Unused items

It might also offer refuge while you work on a project, but a plain concrete floor will absorb oil and dirt, which eventually causes it to crack. Epoxy flooring provides an attractive, protective coating to keep your garage floor stable and flat.


Epoxy floors can improve the function and appearance of numerous businesses, including:

  • Gyms
  • Restaurants
  • Storage rentals
  • Home improvement retailers

You can request a coating that reflects your brand colors or adds a touch of warmth to the space. The material protects your staff and customers with slip-resistant qualities that prevent falls. Plus, epoxy’s UV resistance ensures it looks gorgeous for years.

Visual Varieties We Offer to Properties in Willamette Valley, OR

Our epoxy products are free of volatile organic compounds because we want to help protect your health and the environment. We also deliver stunning results by offering three different types of finishes and multiple colors.


Reflector epoxy has a swirling appearance that combines two or three related colors. Its elegance makes it a great option for restaurants, ballrooms, and sprawling living rooms.


We mix colorful flakes into the base epoxy, adding colorful bursts to any area, and it works well in garages, basements, and bars.


This finish works best in high-traffic places, especially those that garner spills. Its slip resistance and durability offer extensive protection for all occupants.

elevate the beauty of any concrete floor with our epoxy flooring options.

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