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Outdoor concrete slabs endure constant abuse from changing temperatures and shifting weather. Promptly addressing those cracks, fractures, and buckling areas could save you money on more extensive services later. At Liberty Concrete Inc., we’ll transform your concrete structures back to their original state.

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We often recommend concrete repairs and resurfacing in addition to aesthetic services like professional floor coating installation. Concrete surface treatment and other restorative services prolong your concrete’s longevity. You’ll maintain safer, more stable surfaces with repair services.

Cracked concrete step


Tree roots grow in all directions, gravitating toward sources of water and nutrients. Sometimes, they find those resources beneath your concrete. The roots push further beneath the slab, putting pressure on the material from below.

This causes your concrete slab to buckle upwards. Our team can grind the buckled areas and resurface them. Your concrete slab will look as good as new!

Crack Filling

Concrete can absorb water despite being a solid surface. The water freezes and evaporates over time, depending on the weather. The concrete slab expands and contracts, causing cracks and fractures across the surface.

Our approach to such concrete repairs involves filling the cracks and resurfacing the slab for a seamless, uniform surface.

Saw Cutting

Do pertinent plumbing networks rest beneath your driveway, carport, or sidewalk? If so, you might encounter issues that require your plumbing service to access the underlying pipes. Our saw-cutting services minimize damage as much as possible. 

Then, we’ll re-pour the saw-cut area. Your Willamette Valley home will look as good as new!

Why Would You Need Concrete Repairs in Willamette Valley, OR?

Although durable, concrete can still sustain damage from exposure and usage. Some damage concrete slabs incur include:

Scheduling repairs from professionals can increase its lifespan and your property value. Plus, you can follow the repairs with our decorative concrete services for added beauty!

Keep your driveways, walkways, and patios in pristine condition.

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