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Keeping your concrete in optimal condition requires assistance from concrete specialists. At Liberty Concrete Inc., our contractors in Willamette Valley, Oregon, offer multiple services to improve the function and aesthetic of your structures. Reach out to discover what our team can do to renew driveways, patios, and more! 

What Our Meticulous Concrete Restoration Process Entails

When we restore concrete, we go beyond filling in cracks and sealing the surface. Our team also revitalizes the appearance and texture with:

Before we embark on those enhancements, we cleanse and prepare the surface with the following methods.

concrete power washing

Power Washing

We start by power washing your concrete surfaces. This step eliminates all dirt and debris trapped in the cracks and across the surface. We need a pristine slab before sealing and concrete staining services commence. 


Next, we fill in any cracks, fractures, or disintegrated areas. Issues like spalling and chipping occur from constant exposure to outdoor elements. Our quality materials will strengthen the surface and make it whole again.


Finally, we apply any aesthetic details you want to enhance the appearance of your driveway, walkway, or steps. Our team enjoys this part of our concrete restoration services. It allows us to get creative with the members of our community in Willamette Valley, OR. You can choose from stained concrete services, concrete dyeing services, or concrete stamp options.

Why Should You Schedule Concrete Restoration in Willamette Valley, OR?

Properties in Willamette Valley, Oregon, withstand all types of weather, including hot summer temperatures, rainy months, and sometimes even snow. These temperature and moisture fluctuations cause your concrete structures to expand and contract. Eventually, the material will start spalling. 

Spalling occurs when pieces of concrete flake off of the slab. As it progresses, the concrete becomes more unstable. It buckles, cracks, and crumbles around the edges. 

This damage poses a tripping hazard. It will also spread until the entire concrete slab needs replacement. Choosing concrete maintenance and restoration services from Liberty Concrete Inc. ensures your structures remain stable for years.

Protect your property’s functionality and safety with concrete restoration services

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